Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Indian Sculpture Park

Visited a really nice sculpture park in Roundwood last week. I had been to visit the park when I was wee little kid with my parents when there was only about 5 sculptures in the park. When I went back last week there was maybe 15-20 sculptures there.
You enter the park through the creation gate which is like a little stone cave that looks a bit like a womb. Then you are in this big field with 9 sculptures of Ganesh (the remover of obstacles).

But the real journey begins when you enter the enchanted forest. There is 7 sculptures showing the journey through life. On this journey you are taken on a long walk around a lake and back up to the field where you started. Here there is a small gallery showing the sculpture being made and a neat little gift shop with sculpture, jewellery, incense and oils.

The park was the vision a of Victors the owner who had all the sculpture commissioned. He's there at the park and well worth chatting to.
Overall I'd say its well worth a visit. All the little modern touches added to the sculptures make it very enjoyable!
For some more photos

Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving InAnimate objects!

Olwen making her pixil movie has renewed my interest in stop animation so I thought I'd upload a stop animation I made last year for my portfolio. In the hope it would inspire me too make more:)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cardboard Chair Project!

The last project I did in college that I got really interested in was the cardboard chair project. It was a project I did with Karl and Emmet. After looking around on the net for a few days I noticed that an awful lot of the chairs were really square and boxy. So when setting out to design the chair, I decided I wanted a chair that wasn't going to be square. I played around with different shapes for awhile triangles, pyrimids, circles, ect.
My final design was a circle with a semi-circle cut out of it as the seat.

This was my proto type. The legs were a problem as they were weak so when you say on it they folded out and weren't any use. To solve this we just decided to scrape the legs all together and make a CARDBOARD ROCKING CHAIR!

This was the final chair!

I'm back...

...Hi....thought I'd start posting here again. Its been awhile since I've posted anything, where to start. Hmm guess I'll post stuff I did in college over the last while and stuff I intend on doing this summer!
I found this teddy bear on the side of the road awhile ago and it made me sad! I call him Nunchuck! I hope he's in a better place now!

Monday, November 30, 2009

More AWesome photography websites!

I like this website because the main page uses frames that look like photographs like my website.

Again I like this because the boarder of the main box on the homepage looks like the frame of a photo. And its got some sweet photoshopping.

I like the slide show on this website and yet again it has a slightly photo like boarder around it.

pointless neon signs!

I was walking by the hard rock cafe this morning noticed there sign outside that said something along the lines of 'no drugs or nuclear weapons on the premises' And it just annoyed me. There trying to make serious point about having drugs on the premises and then put in nuclear weapons to make it more fun and not seem strict. Its such a contraction. They just want to have the idea of drugs associated with the cafe to make it seem sexy and rock and roll. Yet its a serious point.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inanimate Objects

Naomi likes the idea of giving inanimate objects personality's.
This is Glen he works as an accountant and he enjoys reading the paper on a Sunday morning. On the weekends he likes to surf and is planning a surfing trip this summer.
He's favourite colour is blue and he likes to watch action films.
He is not a fan of burned toast or people who skip him in queues.